Eminem Glasgow Summer Sessions Aug 20TH


Last night Eminem played to a sold out crowd of Glaswegians at Belahousten Park and he didn’t disappoint.  The 40 year old rapper was in town as part of the Glasgow Summer Sessions and despite the wind and rain the gig was a roaring success.

Support acts Yelawolf and Kendrick Lamar warmed up the fans effortlessly; showcasing what hip hop should sound like. Once the atmosphere was set, the crowd were  more than eager for the main attraction come 9 pm.

Slim Shady entered onto the stage masked by a white sheet and a spotlight showing his shadow on the stage. A midst cheers and screams from the crowd the sheet dropped and revealed Marshall Mathers himself.

Everyone went wild as he opened with new single ‘Survivor’ but the next offering ‘Kill You’ began the sing along that lasted the rest of the night.

The majority of his set was mainly hits from his back catalogue, and rightly so. Darker songs such as ‘The Way I am’, ‘Criminal’ and ‘Stan’ were popular.

Shady’s interaction with the crowd was limited, stopping only briefly to introduce certain songs. He dedicated ‘Love the way you lie’ to all the ‘ladies’ in the crowd. He continued with thanking the fans with helping him get clean and on the straight and narrow: “I don’t get f*cked up anymore, but can I take you back to the days when I used to get f*cked up?”

A medley of arguably his biggest commercial songs ‘My Name Is’,’ The Real Slim Shady’ and ‘Without Me’ followed.

Recent hits ‘I’m Not Afraid’ and ‘No Love’ from the album ‘Recovery’ were dedicated to his decision to get clean.

Eminem was not alone on stage, accompanied by his current Hype man and former D12 member Mr. Porter and a stunning video game – esque backdrop, the three combined made a simple yet brilliant show.

However it was the encore of ‘Lose Yourself’ that had the crowd going absolutely crazy. Screaming the lyrics to every word of Shady’s Oscar winning song, Eminem’s fans are no doubt some of the most loyal in the world.

With reports of an annual event, let’s hope Eminem decides to return again.

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