You Me at Six Glasgow O2 Academy 28th March


Like a fine wine that gets better with age, You Me at Six have definitely moved onto bigger and better things. Performing to a sold out crowd at Glasgow’s O2 Academy almost 8 years after their first Glasgow gig, they didn’t disappoint. Support act’s Don Bronco and Young Cato livened up the crowd before You Me at Six took to the stage. The five-piece from Surrey opened their set with ‘Too Young To Feel This Old’ from new album Cavalier Youth and straight into hit song ‘Fresh Start Fever’ as confetti flew out of cannons across the venue. The boys pulled out all the stops for this tour; using a spectacular video screen back drop that showed music videos, lyrics and shots of the crowd and band the entire night and an amazing light show that lasted the whole evening. ‘Stay With Me’, a song about heartbreak from their second album ‘Hold Me Down’ went down a storm before continuing into ‘The Swarm’ which was written to promote the new ride of the same name at Thorpe Park. ‘Little Death’ and ‘Loverboy’ from third album ‘Sinners Never Sleep’ quickly followed before finally introducing themselves and announcing how happy they were to be kicking off their tour in Glasgow.

Lead singer Josh Francheschi proved just how good a frontman he is; he had the crowd on the floor, jumping, crying and chanting “here we go” throughout the whole night. A fair chunk of the new album was played with songs including ‘Forgive and Forget’, ‘Room to Breathe’, ‘Wild Ones’ and ‘Cold Night’. Cavalier Youth’s lyrics are more mature than the past albums yet stick within the same grounds of heartbreak, love and growing up.  Francheschi decided to teach the crowd some of the lyrics from the new songs so they could join in. In fact he didn’t need to do much singing at all, especially during the older hits. ‘Underdog’ and ‘Liquid Confidence’ had every single fan shouting the lyrics and having a good time.

Francheschi expressed the band’s gratitude for the support they have received over the years saying: “We were 17 when we first played in Glasgow, we didn’t anticipate that 8 years later we would have the fan base to take our album to number one on iTunes. So thank you.”

However the best were kept for last. Revenge anthem ‘Reckless’, the aggressive and in your face ‘Bite My Tongue’ and debut single from the fourth album ‘Lived A Lie’ were undoubtedly the crowd pleasers and arguably some of the bands best songs to date. More confetti fell across the crowd as Josh invited two young fans to sing on stage during the final seconds; no doubt the best moment of their lives as the two teenagers took pictures of the crowd and with each member of the band.

As Josh said, who would have known that 8 years later the band would still be going strong? Their fan base increases every year as their songs are timeless and remind everyone of their own youth. Their first UK number one album shows that the boys still have better things to come and are showing no signs of slowing down. After all they are only 25, definitely too young to feel this old.

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