Life With Lily: A key!

FINALLY, almost all of my university coursework is complete and I have loads of free time to spend with lily. She is beginning to speak in sentences not instead of one word or two. However, every work is only one syllable and nothing more, huh? When she is sitting shouting ‘Car’ at my sister ‘Carly’ and ‘inds’ at my best friend ‘Lindsey’, people must think we are insane.

Easter Sunday was especially fun for my friends (ha!). After crying in her cot for almost an hour after bedtime, I gave in and picked her up. Stacey ended up reading the same book, which had about six pages to it, for about half an hour. Calum was forced to skip, sing and run up and down the hall which can’t have been fun for my neighbours. But Ross is always the favourite, he resulted in playing with plastic balls in a tent and colouring in for almost an hour. His beer went flat. Probably not what they had in mind, Lily has everyone wrapped round her little finger.



‘The Terrible Twos’ have definitely kicked in. Not so much the tantrums but the cheekiness, oh yes. Sitting in Frankie & Benny’s with my family on a busy Sunday night. The waitress, who was rushed off her feet had only given us the menus and walked away. However this was not good enough for Lily. She spotted the young waiter cleaning tables behind us, turned round in her high chair and shouted “Boy, I want my chips!” over and over again. To say we were mortified was one thing, but crying with laughter was definitely another.



After then telling the waitress “I want iiii keeeeey” (ahem, ice cream) a million times, she battered everyone on the head repeatedly with balloons tied to a stick and danced her way around the tables in the restaurant, much to the dismay of every other diner. She also assumed it was playtime and ran into the men’s toilets because two other little boys did so. Getting her out of that on wasn’t easy.

It’s true that when having children, even just one, you definitely do need to have eyes on the back of your head.

I am enjoying the cuddles now though. She is getting much more affectionate than before. I have my own little human that loves me more than anything else in the world. What a feeling.

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