Life With Lily: Oh, silly me..

It’s been a while since I blogged about my life with Lily, the truth is I have been so busy recently I’ve been neglecting my blog QUITE a bit! But however, there is still never a dull day with Lily around.

My dad & step-dad surprised my sister and I by booking up for us all to go to Florida next year! Safe to say it was one of the best surprises I’ve ever had. But if Lily asks me one more time when we’re going to see Minnie Mouse I’m going to rip my ears off. She is also obsessed with looking at pictures of Disney characters on the laptop. I find myself counting to ten as we spend hours trawling through Google images while she squeals in delight at every character she recognises.


Same goes for Christmas. It’s only EIGHT WEEKS away.. When the hell did that happen?! Lily keeps asking when we’re going to see Christmas, when we’re going to see Santa etc etc. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the fact that she is finally old enough to have a grasp on the situation and know a bit about what Christmas is and what’s going on. But how do you fellow single mothers out there do it?! It’s hard work trying to calm down an excited two year old on your own. But I’m still having fun doing it!

Her intelligence frightens me every day; she’s not a baby any more, she’s an actual little person with her own mind and own agenda, one that doesn’t need my help for a lot of things now. And I must have missed the memo because I swear she was born yesterday. She can now get dressed herself, put her shoes, coat and hat on herself, put her rubbish in the bin and plates and cutlery in the sink. She can even go to the toilet by herself. Lily is in no way a baby any more.  Yet I feel like a parent now more than ever.

She’s made me laugh a lot this past week. I bought myself some Nutella and Go snacks and even though she had been eyeing them up all week she always pointed at them and said “those mummy’s ones!”. ‘Great’ I thought, ‘She has finally acknowledged that we don’t have to share everything’ and I pushed them into the middle of the worktop where she couldn’t reach them. Or so I thought. As I came out of the shower the other morning and got dressed I thought ‘Lily’s being awfully quiet in the living room.’ And as I quietly peeped my head round the door what was she doing? Sat curled up onto the sofa eating MY NUTELLA SNACK. She couldn’t have stuffed it into her mouth any faster as she saw me coming. She also fed the sofa too. And her pjamers. And the carpet.

I found it too funny to even be angry with her. How she managed to get it off the counter in the first place before attempting to open the packaging is beyond me.

I looked at her in disbelief, mouth gaping, trying my hardest not to laugh. What did she have to say for herself might you ask?

Ahem. “Oh, silly me!”

Like I said, never a dull day..

silly me




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