Life With Lily: A week of firsts

This week has definitely been a week of firsts, for myself and for Lily.

I opened up Lily’s first bank account this week, a savings account that I will pay into monthly and she will get the amount either when she is 18 or 21. I’m extremely happy that I decided to do this, my family had done something similar to this for me and when I turned 18 the money allowed me to buy my first car, a new bed, a new TV and put the deposit down for my flat. The lovely ladies at RBS were very helpful and I’d definitely recommend other mums who are already customers to do the same thing. I’m safe in the knowledge that Lily will be able to stand on her own two feet whether she wants to go travelling or use the money like I did for a car and perhaps make her life that little bit easier!

photo 2

We also ventured out to the cinema for the first time. What I thought was going to be an absolute disaster surprisingly turned out to be an enjoyable morning for the both of us. As a film reviewer myself, I love going to the cinema and watching great pictures at every chance I get. Big Hero 6 was the film of choice and it’s safe to say I enjoyed it as much as Lily did. Disney really do know how to cater for families of all ages as do the Odeon Cinema in East Kilbride. The kids prices weren’t all that steep and the booster chairs they provide proved to be a life saver as Lily was able to have her own seat.

It’s hard to decide when is the right time to do certain things as a parent, taking Lily to the cinema was one I certainly struggled with. After feeling she wasn’t old enough or that she would be to scared I eventually decided it was time to bite the bullet and take her and it turned out to be exactly the right time.

It was also my first week back at university! It’s both an exciting and scary time for me; this is my final ever semester and I have some very important deadlines coming up. I handed in my portfolio last week (WOOHOO) and now it’s just on to my dissertation. I’m currently planning my first few beauty posts which is VERY exciting for me. Make-up and beauty has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager but for some reason I’ve never blogged about it. I’m excited for my blog to have a LOT of variety! It is going to be a very challenging few months with staying on at my part time job and continuing my work with The Edit, MSS and Banter Mag but I’m very excited to see what’s on the horizon and for what the next few months hold for me.

photo 1



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