Why I decided to move house and take on a second job the week my dissertaion was due

The past few weeks have been the most tiring of my life, without a doubt. I moved from a flat to a two bedroom house, submitted my 11,077 word dissertation and started a second job and work experience resulting in working 54 hour weeks, within five days. I have barely eaten or slept and paid much less attention to my child than she deserves. My one day off a week is spent sorting the house, running to the bank and estate agents, food shopping and building furniture. If I remember to wash my hair I consider that an achievement. I now have to start studying for my final exam which is seven days away. Lol what.

I’m killing myself, I know I am, but in a few weeks time it will all be worth it. I will have paid off our family trip to Florida, bought all the new furniture for my bedroom, Lily’s and the living room and I will finally be finished with university. After being in education for almost 17 years I cannot wait for the minute I run out the exam room and hopefully, never look back. I will also be living in a house that I can finally call a home. With a back garden!

It’s been a tough month but I really do believe that change is good; whether it is spread out over time, or happens all at once. I think you have to push yourself to see how far you can go, how much you can take before you finally break. And if you can handle yourself when you’re sleep deprived and living solely on caffeine and Milky Way crispy roll’s , then you know that you’re going to make it. And when all the craziness dies down I can sit back and finally enjoy my life. I can take time off to spend with my child, visit my family, enjoy my new back garden and book a holiday with my best friends,  watch copious episodes of Greys Anatomy and Game of Thrones and not feel guilty that I should be doing something more worthwhile with my time. I can have a bath and read a book, and maybe not fall asleep on the drive between finishing one job at 4pm and starting the next at 6pm. I’m not going to feel guilty that I’m not jumping straight into a graduate job. I need a break.

I pushed myself and I didn’t break. I’ll be ready for what’s coming next, no matter how exhausting or difficult it may be.

new house diss



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