Superdrug Vitamin E Range is saving my life RN

For any gals/guys out there struggling with their skin I thought I would write a post about the budget skin care brand that has seriously been giving my skin life over the past few weeks.

I’ve suffered with acne and acne scarring since I was 12 years old and I’m going to be 25 this year I was seriously at my wits end. Not only had I tried different skin care brands (some pricey) and treatments from the NHS nothing seemed to work. Don’t get me wrong –  I have good weeks and bad weeks, sometimes by skin can be awful and other days there isn’t a spot in sight. It’s that exact up and down-ness that was driving me insane. I have eventually learned to live with it, I don’t wear make up as often as I used to now as I work from home and I am a lot more comfortable in my own skin than I ever was when I was a teenager. However when I seen other fellow acne sufferers raving about this skin care brand on Twitter I thought well one more chance at trying to combat this can’t hurt right?


That skin care brand is none other than humble Superdrug and the range in question is Vitamin E Skin Care. Oh my god. These products have no joke changed my life. After just a few short weeks of using these products my skin is noticeably less red, has fewer break outs and is as soft and smooth as a baby’s bum. The acne scarring that was SO predominant on my cheeks has seriously faded. In comparison to the dull, dry, spotty mess that was my skin, I would even go as far to say it’s glowing 🙂

I have to mention I don’t use these products alone. I also combine these with Simple Micellar Face Wipes (£4.19), Clearasil Hydrablast Gel Wash (£3.19) and Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream (£13.95). However I have always used these three products and they have always worked best for my skin but didn’t notice a HUGE difference until I incorporated the Vitamin E products into my skin care routine.

If I am wearing make up I take it all off with a Simple make up wipe. I then put some of the Vitamin E Dual Phase Cleansing Oil (£2.99) onto two cotton pads and massage this onto my face to remove the excess make up. My skin is super oily after using this so I like to rinse my face with the Clearasil face wash, however you could easily remove the excess oil with some damp cotton pads. Once my face is completely dry I then apply one pump of the Vitamin E Moisture Boost Facial Serum (£3.99) and I can’t tell you what a difference this makes to my skin, it’s never felt softer. I leave that to work into my skin for a few hours then apply the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream before I go to bed.

In the morning I simply rinse my face with the Clearasil Wash then apply the Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream (£2.99) which leaves my face feeling soft and smooth for the rest of the day.

For exfoliating, the Gentle Oatmeal Exfoliator (£2.99) is great – I use this once a week when in the shower and again my skin is always better after one use. I have only used the Vitamin E Facial Oil (£2.99) once or twice – mainly because I feel the other products are doing such an amazing job that I don’t really need to apply anything else at this stage. It’s also super oily and I feel that if anything it will clog my pores more? I’m not sure – if you’ve used this for specific things let me know!

Superdrug are also offering these products at ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price’ just now and there are so many other products in the range! I am definitely going to buy some more products from the range this week as well as some of their Vitamin E body products – I’m always struggling to find a half decent body moisturiser.

I can’t recommend this skin care range enough, the prices are purse friendly and with results like these you seriously just can’t go wrong. If anyone else has tried this and loved it please let me know!


Amie x




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