Aldi Candles & Diffusers: Are they really as good as everyone raves about? Read my review!

After buying my first house in February 2017 (can’t believe i’ve been here for a whole year now!), I am always looking for ‘inspo’ posts on Instagram and Twitter for home decor/furniture/household ideas. As an avid candle lover myself, I began noticing lots of people posting about the Aldi Candles & Diffusers and how they were a good ‘dupe’ for the rather pricey Jo Malone ones. I had always shopped in Aldi on a weekly basis but had never noticed their candles or diffusers to be perfectly honest, probably because I wasn’t looking for them. I decided to try these out for myself the next time I was in store. Sure enough, it appeared to be that they were hiding them as I couldn’t see them anywhere in store. After desperately posting on Twitter, another user advised where abouts in our local East Kilbride store I could find them, amongst the household cleaning products of all places. Life saver! There was lots to choose from and I picked four candles and four diffusers all priced at £3.99 each (No.2 Blackberry & Bay, No. 1 Lime, Basil & Manderin, No. 3 Pomegranate Noir, and No.4 English Freesia & Pear).


I have been using these throughout the house for the past few months, mainly in the bathroom and the living room and to be honest I am not completely overwhelmed by them. The candles are definitely better than the diffusers. If I keep the doors shut around the house I can notice the smell from the candle burning form one room to the next, but not as much as another leading brand candle such as a Yankee Candle. Sometimes you need to walk right up to the candle to be able to smell it. However they do last very long, I have had the same ones out for a few weeks not and they are about 2/3 burned down so they are good value for money in that sense. The diffusers however I don’t notice at all. I feel they run out very quickly – quicker than the candles. I need to rotate the diffuser sticks every day to have a fragrance from them and again at that you really need to smell them up close. I have a small bathroom, if I keep the bathroom door shut all day I can smell the diffuser but with a young family the doors in the house are shut for about 0.5 seconds before someone else walks through. I’m sure other mums out there will feel the same haha!

In terms of a budget candle they are good value for money and I am sure I will purchase them again, however I don’t think I will purchase the diffusers again.

Have you tried the Aldi candles? Let me know your thoughts! I am going to post more house/lifestyle pieces as we are now settled in our first bought home and I am seeing so many beaut inspo posts left, right and centre!

Hope you enjoyed reading and let me know what else you would like to see from me!

Amie x

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