Huda Beauty: Desert Dusk Palette & 3D Highlighter Palette Review

Hello Lovelies!

Today I am going to write a review & post some swatches of the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette and also the 3D Highlighter Palette.

I have been an admirer of the Huda Beauty Palettes for a while and in December I decided to purchase Desert Dusk and 3D Highlighter as a treat for myself and because I hadn’t bought any make-up palettes for a while. I can say that they have not disappointed! I have been using them for a few months and totally LOVING THEM!

Here are some quick swatches from Desert Dusk:

huda desert dusk

huda desert dusk 2

As you can see there are certain colours that I have been lOVING – Blood Moon, Turkish Delight, Celestial, Nefertiti, Cashmere and Angelic. The base colours Eden, Desert Sand, Musk and Amber I have also been reaching for more than others. This palette is a perfect ‘all rounder’ I have been using the softer colours for day time looks and the bolder colours for evening/night time looks. I am finding this is the palette that I have been reaching for the most out of my make up collection. The colours are simply stunning and this is a perfect palette for the summer season. This will definitely be in my make up bag when I go abroad in April.

Here are some quick swatches from the 3D Highlighter palette:

huda highlighter 2

huda highlighter

As you can see this palette has been well used!! My favourite highlighter is Santorini, it just brightens up my whole face and really shows up on camera. I have also been loving Azores and Ibiza for a blush and a glow, but I haven’t been using Capri at all really – I have very pale skin and I love being pale! I don’t ever use fake tan or bronzer therefore I don’t really use this highlighter as it’s too dark for me. I’ve always embraced my paleness!

I apply the highlighter with a small fluffy eyeshadow brush to my upper cheek bones, tip of my nose, under my brows and swept down the bridge of my nose – its easier to apply to the areas that you want in smaller amounts.

I’ll be reviewing more products in due course and will have another blog post on my experiences with parenting later this week 🙂

Follow my instagram account: @amiegrimason13 I’m going to be doing some stories today and tomorrow on my recent holiday purchases and my nightly skin care routine!

Amie xo


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