Kylie Cosmetics: Concealers & Lip Kit – Swatches & Review

kylie 1

Hello lovelies!

Today I thought for a change I would do a short make up review of some products that I have bought recently and give you guys my honest opinion of them!

Before I went on holiday I ordered a few things from Kylie Cosmetics: two concealers and a lip kit. I have been using Kylie’s lip kits for a while and I have always been impressed with them! They are quite long lasting and if you use the liner that comes with the liquid lipstick then it doesn’t get too ‘cracked’ looking as you can apply less product.

Kylie brought out a line of concealers a while ago and after reading some good Instagram reviews I finally decided to give them a try for myself! On the website they were two for $30 so not overly pricey but when you add the shipping and tax at the Post Office, em, yeah not too cheap either! Combined with the lip kit I think it was about £50 altogether.

kylie concealers standing

When I went on to have a look at the concealers it took me a while to pick two that I thought would suit my skin tone – one to conceal my under eye and one to contour with. I always find it super tricky to order concealers and foundations online that I haven’t been able to swatch because I am so pale! But when I went to purchase two that I thought would be perfect they were sold out! Along with about 90% of the other shades!! For such a big company it was annoying – I would have been happy to pre order the way P.Louise does but this wasn’t an option. In the end I decided on ‘Hickory’ to lighten and ‘Toffee’ to darken – I was almost certain that they would both be too dark but I went for them anyway.

I also went for the ‘Ginger’ lip kit which I had been looking at for a while. It is advertised just now at $29 dollars but I am sure it was half price when I purchased it.

About two weeks later (lol) they arrived in the post just in time for me to pack into my holiday suitcase. I decided I would try all three products throughout my holiday to see how I felt about them.

The shade ‘Hickory‘ matches my skin tone exactly – this is good for concealing any blemishes and for hiding my dark circles but it doesn’t really highlight or brighten. This is simply because the shade is too dark for me – however I was quite impressed. The formula is REALLY full coverage and long lasting. It is quite thick which is also a good sign – a watery concealer is never going to fully cover or stay put. I layered this under my Make Up Revolution Conceal & Define (£4) in the shade C2 which brightened my under eye.

kylie hickory swatch

The shade ‘Toffee‘ is wayyyy to dark for me, but again I knew this would be the case. The first time I tried this I had to clean my whole face and start again haha as I looked like an oompa loompa!! I have managed to make it work though – literally a tiny little dot of product on each cheek and on my temples is more than enough to blend out and ‘warm up’ my face. It it quite orange-y undertoned as well which meant I didn’t really need to use a bronzer unless I was setting my face. Orange undertones suit my skin better than red as I am so pale! The product is very full coverage so you only need a tiny bit of product!

kylie toffee swatch

The ‘Ginger‘ lip kit is gorgeous – the perfect shade for me to wear on nights out – not too brown and not too red. The lip liner is fab as well, I fully line my lips with the liner then apply one coat of liquid lipstick on top. Any more coats and I find the product starts to dry out and crack on my lips super fast – not a good look!

kylie ginger swatch

Overall I was impressed with the concealers, they were really full coverage and stayed put when I set them with powder. I would have loved if the shades were better suited to my skin tone but I managed to make it work. If the shades that I need become available then I would consider ordering these in future given how much I liked the product. The shipping & tax is a bit off putting as its coming from America so I would recommend bulk buying to save on this – order with a friend at the same time!

Amie xo

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